Improvements In Skin Cancer Surgery

8 May 2016
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Skin cancer surgery still sounds frightening, but removal procedures have improved drastically over the years. In fact, Mohs surgery helps ensure that all of your cancer is removed while taking as little of your skin as is safe. Reconstructive techniques can be used to improve any damage to your appearance. If you are afraid to have your skin checked for cancer, don't be. In most cases, lesions can be removed without causing any deformity.

Mohs Surgery

Although Mohs surgery has been around for decades, recent improvements have made it even more effective on face and body cancers. Mohs surgeons are highly trained and can give you fabulous results. In fact, when you use one of these surgeons, you have approximately a 98% skin cancer cure rate. The procedure is used for non-melanoma cancers that occur on the face, head, neck, hands, feet, and genitalia of a patient. Large body tumors can also be treated with this procedure.


Mohs surgery does take some time and may be done in several stages because the surgeon is trained to take as little skin as possible while taking enough to get clean margins. This process means that the tissue will be slowly removed and examined during the procedure to the surgeon knows when they have taken enough skin. Because it is done in this way, the surgeon does not take too much tissue in order to be "safe." The goal is to take just enough tissue to cure your condition. Although you will have some scarring, if you have a dermatologist/surgeon do the procedure, they should be able to minimize the scar by placing it in natural skin folds. 


If you do have a large area of tissue removed, you may need the reconstructive services of a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, skin grafts taken from other areas of your body can be used to make amazing repairs. Even if you need much of your nose tissue removed, a skilled plastic surgeon can repair the damage and return your appearance to the same or nearly the same as it was before the surgery. 

Sometimes, your fear of the cure is greater than your fear of the condition, particularly when it comes to skin cancer. Surgery for these conditions continues to improve, so you should not postpone treatment out of fear for your appearance. Many skin cancers can be quickly and beautifully repaired with the help of Mohs and reconstructive surgery from a skin cancer treatment clinic in your area.