Moles: What Is Considered Normal?

20 September 2016
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Moles, those small spots of darkened pigment, are relatively common. Although few people are born with moles, they do tend to develop them on exposed parts of the body beginning in childhood. But a mole on its own is not cause for concern. The following guide can help you determine when you should seek medical assistance. Common moles Common moles tend to be relatively small – you should be able to cover them completely with a pencil eraser. Read More 

Don’t Neglect Your Skin: 3 Ways To Pamper Your Skin On A Budget

12 July 2016
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It can be difficult to pamper yourself when you're on a tight budget. If your budget has stretched as far as it will go, you might not be able to enjoy professional facials. That doesn't mean you have to neglect your skin. When you want to pamper your complexion, but you're temporarily strapped for cash, here are three natural skin care products you can use to give your skin the tender loving care it deserves. Read More 

4 Tips For Treating Cystic Acne

1 June 2016
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No one likes to get zits, but if you're prone to cystic acne you know this is an especially aggravating skin challenge. Cystic acne causes large, deep, painful pimples to form. Cystic acne often leads to scarring and can be very hard to get rid of. Before you despair, try these four tips for treating cystic acne: Try Blue Light Therapy For a powerful and fast solution to cystic acne, you may want to try blue light therapy. Read More 

How To Use Sun Exposure To Treat Your Psoriasis Without Overdoing It

12 May 2016
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While psoriasis patients have been noticing improvements in the summer months for decades, only relatively recently have dermatologists conclusively linked sun exposure and improvements in skin condition with this disorder. Of course, it's easy to overdo the sun therapy and end up in worse shape than before you headed outdoors. Find out how to get sun exposure for psoriasis control without hurting yourself in the process. The Power of UV Rays Read More 

4 Things You Need To Know About Laser Skin Resurfacing For Acne Scars

11 May 2016
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Acne scars are an unpleasant reminder of pimples, but they're very common. It's been reported that 95% of people who've suffered from acne vulgaris have acne scars. Acne scars on your face can become more noticeable as your skin ages or experiences sun damage, and these noticeable scars can make you feel depressed, anxious or embarrassed. Fortunately, these scars can be treated with laser skin resurfacing. Here are four things you need know about treating your acne scars with laser skin resurfacing. Read More